Hadar Magazine is a high quality fashion and lifestyle magazine with a modest twist, specifically aimed at Orthodox Jewish women. Of the many mainstream fashion magazines out today, only Hadar strives to show Orthodox women how we can maintain our uniqueness as strong, Jewish women while keeping up with the latest runway styles and playing an active role in modern society. The goal is to maintain the special aura that comes with our heritage and allow that to shine through our exterior appearance and general way of life. Our mission at Hadar, Hebrew for "splendor" or "beauty," is to embody the core essence of the modest Jewish woman while exploring her desire to remain current and fashionable. 

The meaning of Hadar represents this dichotomy of the balance between inner and outer beauty and the way that Judaism celebrates both. In Aishet Chayil, recited every Shabbat, we pay tribute to the Jewish woman by singing oz  v'hadar levusha - the righteous woman clothes herself in strength (oz) and beauty (hadar). It is her inner strength and devotion to the mitzvot (commandments) that shine through and makes her beautiful for all who behold her. Hadar is also found in the celebration of Sukkot when we are commanded to take a pri etz hadar - a fruit from a beautiful tree, more commonly known as an etrog. Unlike seasonal trees, the etrog tree blossoms year-round regardless of the temperatures. It endures and persists even in harsh conditions and that is why it is considered beautiful. Such is the Jewish woman, a perfect example of beauty as she belongs to a nation that not only survives, but thrives despite tremendous hardship and pressure.

Hadar Magazine debuted in Fall 2013 and is published four times a year.