It's Wedding Season!

As we prepare for Shavuos with cheesecakes and floral arrangements, let us take a quick moment to think about the beauty inherent in the upcoming YomTov, Shavuos. On this day we commemorate receiving the Torah at Har Sinai, and remind ourselves that the Torah truly is a gift, hence the wording "Matan Torah," with matan stemming from the word matana, a gift.

Many times, we may covet the lives that others have and question our own religious commitments...Why do I have the hassle of bringing Kosher food on my vacation to Aruba? In today's world we are bombarded with the Non-Jewish culture all around us, making it very tempting to sometimes wish things were a little "easier" for us. 

Shavuos is a time to remember our gift. To remember that on this day, we stood at Har Sinai the way a bride and groom stand together under the Chuppah and said, "We do"..."Naaseh Venishma." We remind ourselves that our precious Torah is a gift to live by, not to confine us, but to give our souls freedom to become closer to Hashem, our Chatan. The Torah is the vehicle through which we can renew our commitment to Him, the tangible guide he provided us with and live by. It is a time to delve into the splendor of Torah and strengthen our Emunah, that although we face challenges in the world as Jews, we must stand proud knowing that what we have is divine, special, and most importantly a gift.

Recognizing the beauty in the Torah may help all of us face our challenges with increased joy, and see it as less of a burden. So let us renew the vows that each and every one of us took that day at Sinai with the giddy excitement of a bride on her wedding day, and once again say, "We do!"

Chag Sameach,

Ilana B.