Behind The Scenes: Photo Shoots for Fall 2013 Issue

Not that I am biased, but the fashion spreads for Hadar’s fall issue are amazing. Each person who contributed to organizing and executing the photo shoots is super talented and a pleasure to work with. All the details came together beautifully, and being on set with everyone was such an experience! We learned to watch out for the random sprinkler that decided to say hello just as our model passed by fully clothed in designer samples, danced around to lots of Taylor Swift, and found out that when you use a real honeycomb as a prop, bees will follow. Shocking, right?

With lots of hard work, we were able to pull the most fantastic samples from up and coming designers to be featured on the pages of Hadar. But this task presented its own challenges. As a little-known-but-soon-to-be-extremely-popular magazine, we met many skeptically raised eyebrows and lots of questions about our publication. I can only imagine our stylist’s initial conversations with the fashion houses and PR firms went something like this:

“Hi, I’m calling from Hadar Magazine.”

“Which magazine?”

“Hadar Magazine.”


“No, Hadar.”


“No… Hadar.”

And then, of course, trying to explain to designers that the samples they send us need to be modest. No pants, no minis, no sleeveless. I think we had more than one fashion assistant scratching her head at our requests.

Ultimately, we are completely in love with the end results and cannot wait for you to see these amazing photo spreads in our fall issue! I’ll leave you with one sneak peek…