Behind The Scenes: Photo Shoot for

What a day working with so many talented people!

Our Sunday started bright and early (a round of coffee for everyone!) at the sunny studio of Lani from Lani Kay Designs. All of our models were such great sports, getting all done up for our shoot. Of course, who doesn't love being pampered and dressing up in such fabulous clothes?

Srivki doing what she does

With all our outfits and accessories bagged and tagged, we trekked out to our shoot location to meet with our amazing photographer, Srivki from Srivki Photography! To say she was a blast to work with is an understatement. Throughout the shoot she kept the energy up and helped everyone have a great time.  And her DIY cutoff gloves made her fit right in with this set of innovative fashionistas.

Huddling around the fireplace between outfit changes, we discussed where the next model will shoot, last minute accessory changes, and what's for lunch. More coffee? Yes, please.

And have we mentioned the horses? That's right - horses! The photo shoot took place on the expansive grounds of the Ramapo Equestrian Center. Right next to our shooting location there were riders taking lessons and owners trotting with their horses. Srivki tried to get a shot of our brave model Annie feeding one of the horses an apple, but the look on Annie's face read more fear than fashion. 

One of our new friends

After the long day, we packed everything up, grateful that the clouds from the morning gave way to the perfect amount of sun. Success!

Before we go, we would be remiss if we did not send out lots of warm thanks to the people who helped us make the shoot happen: Voila Accessoriez who provided us with all the incredible jewelry and accessories in the pictures, and Jessica Gugenheim, our fabulous stylist in residence who worked tirelessly to get everything together to ensure our models, and our site photos, embody what Hadar Magazine stands for.

Stay tuned for some AMAZING things to come!

Much love,

The Hadar Team