February 19, 2014


We're Loving Mason Jars Wednesday this week! 


Besides for drinking your water, preparing overnight oats, or storing homemade jam in these of-the-moment jars, here are a few other reasons mason jars are just so lovable:

1. Double as flower vases: cut your flower stems short ( or leave them tall if you prefer) and a mason jar will be the cutest vase you have ever seen and a perfect centerpiece for your Shabbos table. Because they're small in size, you can sprinkle a few all along your table so that Shabbos guests can get a taste of the beauty of flowers at both ends.

2. Mishloach Manot: you have a variety of options here and can put your own twist on the mason jar to keep in theme with your Purim costumes. Paint a mason jar if you're going with an artist theme, or simply just throw all of your goodies in there instead of a plastic bag that people will just throw out upon receiving. Doing a Candyland theme? Layer your colorful candies in a mason jar and the visual appeal will be a crowd pleaser. You can even attach a cute spoon to shovel through the candy with!

3. Keep your soap in it and put it in your guest room. Allow your guests to take it home with them, sort of like a Shabbos or Yom Tov favor. You'll definitely win hostess of the year award!

4. Serve your dessert in a mason jar. This is the perfect way to portion control but also to help minimize the amount of preparation you have to do for a Shabbos meal. Prepare and plate your dessert in a mason jar before Shabbos, and then by the time dessert rolls around you can just pop one in front of each guest. Easy, and your guests will appreciate the creative twist!

5. Mugs for your in-house cafe: too many guests and ran out of coffee mugs? Set out mason jars for your guests to use or even permanently replace your tea cup with a mason jar to feel like you're in a trendy cafe without leaving your house.