Shevi Genuth

Managing Editor

In fifth grade, Shevi was already sketching fashion designs in the margins of her black and white composition books. Eventually, slinky skirts and butterfly hairclips gave way to party dresses and statement jewelry. Shevi graduated from CUNY Hunter College with a degree in English Literature, a major that she knew would make her a millionaire. Over the years, she has held positions in various industries including publishing and telecommunications. Shevi currently lives in Monsey, NY with her husband.


Bari Weizman


Bari was raised in a large (and loud!) family of 10 siblings, seven of them sisters. This female dominated dynamic helped shape her into the strong, independent Jewish woman she is today. Bari graduated from Yeshiva University’s business school with a BA in Marketing and recently completed her MS in Accounting. Hadar Magazine is her brainchild, brought about by her strong connection to Judaism, spirituality, and Israel, all nurtured by her collective upbringing. She currently lives in Spring Valley, NY with her husband and daughter.


Jessica Gugenheim

Fashion Editor

Jessica first discovered fashion in the form of ballet costumes and her mother's collection of high heels. She was brought up shopping in vintage and thrift stores, learning from a young age that personal style is more about how, rather than what you wear. Majoring in Art History at Yeshiva University's Stern College, Jessica was thrown into the heart of American fashion, and further developed her appreciation for all things aesthetically beautiful. Jessica spent three years in retail helping women to find their inner fashionista, a goal which still inspires her for every issue of Hadar. Jessica currently lives in Manhattan with her very own collection of high heels.


Alix Greenberger

Social Media Coordinator

With her name spelled with that attention-grabbing letter "I", Alix always knew that letters and words would be on her side and be her tools for success. She's had a strong sense of her own personal style ever since she could voice it and so the equation was a simple one: writing about fashion would be her niche. Having previously worked at other fashion publications, Alix has been privy to see what gathers a loyal fan base and looks forward to bringing those same secrets for success to Hadar. Alix is an English Honors major in her last semester of Queens College and dresses fashionably 365 days of the year.