May 19, 2014

Finding The Best Friend In Shopping Again

Shopping is supposed to be a girl's best friend, but if that girl just happens to be cognizant of her hemline, that best friend starts to look more and more like a frenemy. Walk into any store, and instead of nonchalantly perusing the racks, you're forced to switch gears and develop a sort of supernatural vision where you can scout out the tznius piece of clothing amidst a rack full of barely-there garments. Doing this is tiring and insanely stressful, making your casual shopping excursion a mission with a set goal.

Well, since we adore clothes and love working with them to make them appropriate for our lifestyle, it seemed only fitting that we'd tackle some stores for you and rejuvenate the essence of shopping for the fashionable modest dresser.

H&M, Gap, and Forever 21 are three store that can be found in most locations so we scouted pieces from those retailers. Although we only sampled three outfits, the options are limitless at these stores since mid-length skirts are in vogue now more than ever. These are just to show you that in an abyss of clothing there's always a modest ensemble waiting to be built.



How chic is this midi length skirt?! We saw it and knew that it could be reinvented a hundred times over. Wear it with a plan white shirt to allow the jewels to take center stage, or experiment with texture on top for a trendy look. Either way, GET THIS SKIRT. (H&M)


Layering a button down under a summery dress is an easy way to make casual summer wear appropriate for the office. (Gap)


Forever 21 is your destination for all things accessories. These bib necklaces are fun, bright and easy to work with. You can never go wrong when adding a necklace to your outfit and it's an easy trick for reinventing an outfit that you already wore. Hey, no one will recognize that dress I wore last Shabbos if they're blinded by the bling around my neck, right?



You can't forget about owning a pair of attention grabbing earrings. The colors on this pair are right on point! (Forever 21)


This one is our favorite: these are all three separate headbands from Forever 21 but we layered them all on at the same time. The final product was a rainbow of colors that both kept our hair pulled back and ready to face the heat, and also was bound to win the attention of all our friends. The wear again rate on this look is endless because you can play up the pattern, just wear two or ride solo with one of the braided headbands. Forever 21, our hair will forever be in your debt. I think we're ready for our close up now!