March 26, 2014

We're Loving Blindingly Bright Sneakers Wednesday!

Only a pair of sneakers can make mismatched neon colors look this cool... and make you want to workout all day, every day. Blast your favorite song, tie up your so-bright-they're-blinding laces and get to it! Having a bright pair of sneakers, or really just a pair that you love, will turn out to be the best thing that you ever did for your health and fitness regime because:

  1. You'll always want to put on those bad boys and go for a run or head to the gym, making you more likely to stick to your workout regime. What's that sound? It's your alarm clock ringing again, but this time you don't hit snooze to skip your morning gym session

  2. While you're sweating, can't catch your breath, and seriously debating faking dehydration to leave the gym without looking like a wuss, take a look down at your feet and motivation will hit you. Another round of burpees? Bring it!

  3. Oh my, the compliments you will receive! Listen, no one's a fan of an ego, but this is called positive reinforcement. The more compliments you receive, the more you'll wear your sneakers, which means the more you'll workout. It's an awesome sequence of events with the result of you being more healthy. It's a win-win!

  4. Bright sneakers = more color in your closet. More color = the more you'll smile. It's that simple. 

  5. Because why not use any excuse you can to wear neon?

  6. The best one yet: why should you choose buying a new pair of sneakers over that necklace you've been eyeing? Because you can wear them, no matter how bright or crazily patterned they are, every day to the gym without committing a fashion faux-paus. Wearing that necklace every day? Not so cute.